Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to Hide secret files into audio files.

Hey Guys today I'm gonna teach you steganography, Steganography is hiding your secret data into song or images or any other such file so that the secret files can be discovered only by someone who knows the correct algorithm and the correct key, it's useful when you want to store data on your work or school PC and don't want it to be seen by anyone specially the sys admins.
To accomplish this task I'm gonna use a third party software called Deep Sound, which you can download from here.
Once you download and install it. It's an easy task to hide data into songs. (This software is capable only of storing them into songs,  however you can always get other such software which can do that in other formats as well)

Steps to hide->
1. Open Deep Sound
2. Hit the button that says Open Carrier files
3. Add a song or any other audio file
4. Click add secret files -> Add the secret files
5. To add a password hit encrypt files and set the password.
6. Now choose the location where the new file is to be saved.
Nd it's done now you have your secret file hidden inside an audio file and cannot by viewed by anyone. To share it with anyone secretly you'd just have to tell the person the password and send the file so that he could decrypt the file on the other end.

If someone opens the audio file the audio is played and the person couldn't make out that some other file is hidden into that audio file.