Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Deep Freeze-Anti Deep Freeze-Anti (How to hack deep freezed computers)

For all those who don't what deep freeze is and for what purposes it is used let me introduce you to Deep Freeze.
Deep freeze is a Software used by sys admins to lock the state a computer is in. Specially used at places like Schools Colleges or shared PCs at offices. What it does is records the state the PC is in during set-up and refreshes to that same state by deleting all the files and reconfiguring all the setting changed during locked state.
It is seriously a pain in the butt when you download something to a PC at work and it's vanished till you return - coz someone felt the need to shut it down............. !(

If you are a sys admin reading this blog and want to download Deep Freeze, get it here
But if you want to HACK this thing this is where the fun begins
Just keep following the steps.
1.f Download Anti-DeepFreeze rom my Drive
2. Extract the file.
3. Copy the executable to portable storage
4. Plug the drive into the PC that has Deep Freeze
5. Run the Executable
6. It'll tell u the version of the Deep Freeze installed on the target PC
7. Select the version told by the AntiDeepFreeze
8. Enter the new password

And now you are the master.
9. Check the taskbar for DeepFreeze logo which looks something like the anti one but just without that cross.
10. Hold down the SHIFT key and double-click the Deep Freeze icon. Alternatively, you can press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F6. A Password dialog is displayed. Enter your password and click OK.
11. Now once you enter the password the PC is unlocked and the files you keep will be preserved . To lock it back just open it and lock.
Now that you have the password even your sys admin can't do anything

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Akhand Yaduvanshi