Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How to make a fake facebook ID that cant be traced through email

At times we want to have a fake Facebook ID but we don't want to use our own email ID.
In that case you can use this little trick to get your job done.

1. Open www.guerillamail.com and copy the email address you get.
2.  Open Facebook.com
3. Fill up the sign up form using any fake identity.
4. Paste the guerillamail ID
5. Sign In
6. Put a DP and fill the info
7. Post some photos
8. Now you have a original looking fake ID

Highly recommended to use a proxy or VPN to do this job.See this article for info

Note- This trick is not complete foolproof. This doesnt means that the Security agencies can't find you or trace you.This is only for educational purpose. Don't do anything illegal.