Sunday, 31 January 2016

Personal Diary in Notepad

If u r planning to download a personal diary software leave it beacuse I am going to share a trick with you to make your useless notepad work as a personal diary.
1.Open Notepad
2.Type .LOG
3.Save it with any name.
4.Open it and start making your entries.
5.Save and reopen whenever you want.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Hide images from Android gallery without any app

For my first post of 2016,
I came up with many ideas but I was not sure if it was kind of legal to post it publicly so it took me time to make my first post of the year.
By the way, happy new year, 2016.
In this post dear reader, I am going to tell you an effective way to hide some images from your gallery.
Sometimes you have to hide some media from other people for uncertain causes and the solution to thou problem is here.
1. Open your file manager

2. Make a new folder with its name starting with a '.' Like if you want your folder's name to be Mystuff, make it .mystuff

Ayush Saxena