Sunday, 19 February 2017

How to access your PC files using your android phone - wirelessly

Hey Guys,
At times we urgently need to copy a file from our PC to the phone or vice-versa very urgently and we don't have a USB cable. Today I'm going to tell you an awesome method to get the job done very easily.
Note- Your PC should be able to connect to wi-fi .

So lets follow these Steps->
1.  Install ES File Explorer from Play Store or any other source you like.
2. If your PC and Android are connected to the same wi-fi , its cool otherwise switch on your mobile hotspot or use any any other hotspot to connect the devices to a same network.
3. Now Open the File Explorer in your PC (Of course the Windows Explorer).
4. Navigate to the file/folder you want to share.
5. Select it and copy/move it to the Folder C:/Users/Your Username .
6. Now open ES File Explorer in your phone.
7. From the top options menu , expand the Network group and open LAN.
8. Press the Scan button at the bottom
9. Find your PC's name and tap on it, in the pop-up Enter your username and password on the PC.
10. Now navigate to the Users folder and file your file as pasted in the PC
11. Select and copy the files/folders you want to copy to your device
12. Swipe to switch to local storage(the phone storage)
13. Click paste

Mail me to tell how useful :) or useless :( this article was