Monday, 4 April 2016

How to remain anonymous on the web/ How to visit blocked websites from schools cooleges offices or wifis.

Today I decided to write something regarding security, btw I am pleased to tell that the last article by Ray Blue earned a lot of visits on the web. So , this time I will tell u how to remain private on the web.
These days almost everyone is aware that the websites we visit specially, our favourite websites including fb and Google keep spying on us and some hacker might also be collecting all our activities so I will tell u how to remain anonymous on the web. Another trick this article covers is how to visit blocked websites in schools and offices and through wifis .
So In this article I'll tell u about Orbot by Tor project. This project lets ppl remain anonymous on the web and let them visit the blocked websites.
First of all, for Android, download Orbot on android. U can find on play store.For PC download For and install Tue respective app. Now enabling this on your device will assure u anonymity on the web.

How this works-
The packets you send and receive are transported through another server and the websites u visit never know that u r using them because you are using a fake identity or an online mask. When these packets are sent through another app. The WiFi and other web blockers think that u r visiting the app not the blocked website.So this is how it fools everyone.