Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Clean Temp files automatically without any software

When we are using various softwares on our PC they keep on making their temporary files that take space on the drive if these temporary files are not deleted frequently they will take up a large space of the drive which could result in slower booting and can cause the PC to hang very frequently.
To avoid such conditions it is advised to clean the temporary files of the PC every time it is switched on or before shutting down , but if you still don't want to do this again and again you can always use software like CCleaner or any other such softwares but if you don't even want to download a software you can use a bat script that does this for you during startup.
This single kb bat script can remove temporary files of any size.

How to make a Bat file that cleans temporary files at startup

1. Copy the code below to notepad

rd /s /q %temp% mkdir %temp% rd /s /q c:\windows\temp\ mkdir c:\windows\temp\

2. Save the file as tmpclr.bat [.bat is important]

3. Move the file anywhere on your PC
4. Select the file and hit Ctrl+C to Copy the file
5. Press Start+R
6. Open shell:startup using Run opened in previous step
7. On left click menu select paste shortcut 

And you are all set, next time you Switch your PC on Temp would already be empty.

Feeling Lazy? Just Download the package I created from my drive

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