Saturday, 26 December 2015

Prevent Hacking

In the fast world of today when we want everything to go online and we're seeing a rapid growth in the field of Computer Sciences it is very necessary for everyone , specially teens to be aware and safe on the web here are some tips from me (Akhand Yaduvanshi) that could help you to be safer.

1. Keeping your OS and Antivirus updated.
This is important to prevent yourself from being hacked by the new traps on the web.

2. Firewall
You may think that Firewall is just an interruption which always prompts you but I recommend you very highly to use latest Firewalls because they're very helpful specially in offices and schools.

3. Changing your password oftenly
How oftenly you need to change your password depends on the kind of security you want to feel. You should change your password as soon as you think that someone else knows it.

4. Deleting spam Emails
Only few people do this but you should be doing it as frequently as possible.

I am writing down only four tips because I assume that you would be reading and listening them every now and then but these steps are not considered very important by many security specialists but I wanted you people to be aware.

You always have the right to comment so you can also give any suggestion you think is important.

Apologies for grammatical errors(if any),
Akhand Yaduvanshi,